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Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
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by Kris Fletch on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I hesitated while in pain. These work people. I even ordered another pair for flip flops. I can walk on my wood floors barefoot now. Its not over night it takes time. I wear mine every day. Best investment Ive made for pain relief and my family don't hear my complaints of foot pain anymore. Just make sure you place them in your shoes where your feet are comfortable to walk.

by Michelle Jachimowicz on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I wear these in most of my shoes. I have found them to be super supportive, and noticed my feet and legs are less tired at the end of a long day.

by Eden Abrams Muller on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

great product - my husband's feet thank you every day!

by Edward Karîithi on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I love mine

by Sue Marie Thomas on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

Couldn’t live without mine

by Mary Barrett on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

They are Brilliant!

by Damien Mills on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Better than a customised orthotic

I'm now a bloke over 50. I have very high arches and have had painful feet all my adult life. These inserts have solved my problem. I went to a podiatrist here in Oz who charged by $250AUD for customised orthotic insoles. Which worked for sure, but they took up way to much room in my shoes, were very hot and I only have one pair.
Tried these. They need a fair bit of fiddling about to find the right position for the particular pair of shoes/boots they are used in, but they work.
A warning though... as my feet have recovered from being stretched down in the middle the feel and placement of these insoles has changed. So you need to be prepared to shift them around. Initially they may actually be a bit painful as the arch protested about being pushed back into the correct position. Be patient, give it a few tries.
These are so effective that my hallux redux has partially resolved and given that I was considering surgery to deal with this very painful joint, these insoles have been a spectacular investment.
The claim that you can wash them is correct. You can. The stickiness does return.
I have ordered a further 4 pairs to go with the current 4 pairs. Really you want them to stay in the shoe precisely where you, finally, get them to sit.
If you do want to move them from shoes to shoe, draw a pen line around them before you take them out the shoe...
They work well in sneakers but the cloth insoles aren't as good at keeping them in place as good leather insoles.
They are one of those products that simply change your life and you will never go back.

by Susan Barkis on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Incredible Product

THESE ARE THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE MADE IN YEARS!! I have had custom orthotics since the 1960’s. I have very narrow and thin feet and now have accumulated over 10 pairs of custom orthotics. After I had Tarsal Tunnel Surgery last year I was in need of some kind of orthotic that was softer and could be moved to “just the right spot”. None of my many orthotics fit well and they hurt my one foot causing irritation of my plantar fascia. I was on the look out for something better. And I found it. Thank you Soul Insole. I bought the “bubble” and the metatarsal pads and have used them for 4 days. The first night I didn’t want to take my shoes off they felt so good. Now I need to buy multiple pairs and add them to all my shoes. Thank you for bringing this break through technology to people. My feet are very thankful!

by Ariana on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Miracle product

If I could give this product a million stars I would!! I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for almost a year and today has been the first day I have been almost pain free. Granted, I'm writing this review after using this product for only a day I don't doubt that it will continue to work for me and relieve my heel pain. If it continues to work as well as it did today I will volunteer to be their spokesperson, lol.

by Diana Dixson-Havens on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

These are ABSOLUTELY life saving....had suffered for 3-5 years, bought many insoles just to have to return them because they didn’t do what they said they’d do THEN here came Soul Insoles....the very BEST Ever for my feet❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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