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I am a very active 73 year old, and love to hike. On a trip to Patagonia more than a year ago, after a mountainous 30 mile hike, I developed very painful plantar fasciitis. Visits to a podiatrist, orthopedist, and foot exercises, didn’t help. I spent more than $300 on a custom fitted orthotic, which was not helpful. I was wondering if my days of hiking were over. I bought the Soul Insole, which has made hiking and walking comfortable, and I am about to go on a trip to hike in Norway.
San Francisco

thanks so much for the quick delivery – I had ordered a pair last year and really liked it so this time I got three pair.

by Sue Marie Thomas on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

Thank you for my order received this week. My feet are happy now as I have Soul Insole in 3 pairs of shoes. So I don't have to remember to keep swapping them over. ☺☺☺👍👍

I have been using your insoles for over a year and they have fixed my PF... I do special toe stretches which also help. I love your product!

Finally, Relief!

Finally, RELIEF and corrective functionality. GREAT product! Thank you for a simple product with great results. I've been through 27 different orthotic insoles, custom and over the counter type, but none have solved the cause of arch pain when walking. Some were a waste of money. Others were good and better. Most just treat the symptom with cushioning, stiffness, or cushioned stiffness. Cushioning limits the space available for your foot. Stiffness limits the motion of your foot. This product does neither.

The Soul Insole is a simple flexible gel device that works with the body's muscles, allowing you to utilize the original insoles of great footwear that was previously making the shoe painfully usable. After receiving my first Soul Insole, I tried them in every pair of shoes with the original insoles, which worked great now. So i ordered 4 more Soul Insoles for convenience. That way I won't have to swap them between shoes so often.

Remove the original insoles and place the paper instruction sheet (cut in the form of a shoe insert) in the shoe. Put a permanent mark inside the shoe where the arrow points. Now line up the arrow on the left and right Soul Insole and put the original insole back in the shoe and enjoy walking again. :o) If you move them from shoe to shoe, they get full of debris and are not sticky. Just rinse the sticky side with water, rubbing off the debris and let them dry a few moments. The stickiness returns and you are ready to place them in another shoe.

by Trina Parenteau on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
I absolutely love my insoles!

I absolutely love my insoles! I tell everyone about them... easy to wash and change from one pair of shoes to another and work awesome with flip flops!

These are seriously awesome. They last forever too... I got my pair over a year ago and they're still going strong!

by Carole Elizabeth Hodson on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
plantar fasciitis improved

I can vouch for these insoles. Had mine over two years now, but after only a few days my plantar fasciitis was so improved. I wear mine on my croc flipflops as they are also quite supportive. But you can put them in most shoes without any problem. Will be buying more anytime

by Sue Whitehouse on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

so good !! Easy to fit into any shoes. thanks they are just amazing I forget all about my sore feet .. not as sore !! Love that they wash and getting tacky again 🤣

Excellent for plantar fasciitis. Changed my life Instant relief

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