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I like them a lot. I live in the desert and sand has worn the edges a bit, but it isn't rough. I have them in several different shoes with good success. I have very flat feet.

by Marjorie De Asis on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I got one last two weeks ago! I can feel right away the diff! I can put it on my sandals my work shoes and other pair of shoes of mine that Am using that day. It works planning to get another pair so I don't need to keep transfer the insole to other shoes. Love it

Highly Recommend! High Arches

After reading about the product in the San Diego newspaper...I recently bought one pair of Soul Insoles to try & will be placing an order for 3 more. I have very high arches and that makes it impossible to wear many shoes that I can't put a full insole in, especially sandals, most casual shoes & dress shoes. I have tried many different solutions that did not work for me....and am so happy that I discovered Soul Insoles. They make the types of shoes I mentioned wearable and comfortable.... hugely expanding my footwear options. Highly recommend!

by Margaret S Milligan on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews

I've only been wearing my new insoles a week and can feel the difference already. My feet are not falling out of my shoes, which happened with the podiatry insoles I wore previously.Now I've found the exact spot in my shoes for the took a few attempts but they are easily moved, my arches are supported

Worth a try!

Just had mine two weeks now feels odd until you get used to them but really helps I shopped all day last week when lately only lasted an hour.Most definitely worth a try.


Got them...1st day wearing dem...brilliant...better than custom made ones i paid a small fortune for.!!!

Worth every penny!!

For anyone on the fence about trying these insoles, I posted the following comment to someone concerned about the price. Take the chance! There is also a 100% money back guarantee if necessary:Worth every penny!!!! I have spent a small fortune on many different full size inserts as well as prescribed orthotics that take up too much room in my shoes and are uncomfortable. I have fallen arches and a bad tendon in my left foot as a result that causes much pain without proper arch support. The soul insoles are the PERFECT solution. They are comfortable, take up virtually no space in your shoes, and because they are crystal clear, you can wear them with flip flops and sandals as well. They are easy to move to different shoes as needed. I bought two pairs to begin with and will be buying more. I can get through the school day on my feet, whereas before, I would change shoes at least twice due to painful discomfort. Soul Insoles are amazing!!

by Susan Martinez on Shoe Bubble Ratings and Reviews
Comfortable and Pain Free, PLANTAR FASCITIS PPL

I have been wearing some Sandals and flats since I received my new insoles that I honestly could not wear for over an hour at a time without sharp pains shooting up my heels. I have planter fascitis and these insoles are making the symptoms feel like they are gone no matter what shoes I wear I feel comfortable and pain free.Thank you for making this product I love it.

Helped Tremendously with PF

I have PF and a bruised fat pad on my left heel. Walking is horrible. Wearing my new insoles for the past 2 weeks has helped tremendously. I am so pleased that the insoles allow for the heel not to take all the pressure. Will be ordering a second pair. Thank you so much Soul Insole. You have a great product. So happy I found you.

Yep. Wear mine everyday too.

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