Where do I place the Shoe Bubble in my shoe?

See these detailed directions here

Watch this video here

I am between sizes, sometime a 7.5 sometimes an 8.  What size should I get?

We generally recommend choosing the smaller size.  However, each foot is different and the way the Soul Insole feels is different depending on the shoe.  A shoe with a narrower midfoot section, some existing support and a more rigid medial wall will cause the Soul Insole to feel much higher in the arch region than a flat, wide shoe with a soft medial wall.  For your first pair, get the small.  If you feel like you need even more support, next time try the medium.

The Insole Is No Longer Sticky, Can This Be Fixed? How do I clean the Insole? 

YES! Simply run under water, rub the dirt off, and set out to dry.  The adhesive regenerates.  If some of the grime is particularly hard to clean off, try using warm water and scrubbing it clean.

How do I take care of the insoles so that they last as long as possible?

The insoles do best when stored inside the house rather than outdoors, under the sun.  The environment should be dry and the temperature cool to keep the insoles lasting as long as possible.  Remember that if the insoles get dirty, they can be washed!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, to most countries.  Contact us at soulinsoleinfo@gmail.com if you have any questions or special requests.

Does it come as one insole or a pair for both left and right?

Our insoles come as a pair.  Each package has both a left and a right insole.

How do I become an affiliate?

You have the ability to make money or store credit for referring new clients.  Please fill out an affiliate form here. We will review your application and help get you started.

Our Store/Office is Interested in Selling Soul Insole. How do we get started?

Contact our office at soulinsoleinfo@gmail.com or call 619-746-7256